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ITCN "SURVIVOR" their 5th Album is out. 15 tracks, each one entitled as a year for which ITCN provide their own point of view of notable events ocurred on those dates.
A new work with powerful, forceful and elegant sounds that should give a lot of talk about.

The album is availabe at all the digital platforms but you can also order your hard copy here.


(Published March 2023)




Next March 4th 2023, ITCN will be back on Madrid Sala Maravillas stage for presenting their fifth album "SURVIVOR". For this time the band from Barcelona VOLKOFF will join with them. The two Spanish bands best mixing EBM, Dark Electro, Synthpop and even Industrial for an unique opportunity.


(Published February 2023)




1984 (CONTROL) is the brand new video for one of the new tracks that will be part of the upcoming album "SURVIVOR" that will see the light soon.

Here you have the link. Hope you enjoy!!!

(Published June 2022)



Next September 18th 2021, ITCN will be back on stage for presenting live their fourth album "REFURBISH". In this time the bands HASSWUT y MEDIUM will join with them in Sala CERO Palacio de la Prensa, Madrid, under all the Anti Covid measures.


(Published August 2021)



ATTACK EP - 10th Anniversary

On 2010 December 10th, ITCN presented live their first EP "ATTACK". For celebrating this birthday as it deserves, ITCN has prepared a REWORK of the tracks appearing on the EP, plus two new mixes of "Mindless" and "Broken Chains".

"ATTACK REWORK" comes with a brand new video "MINDLESS - A SHORT FILM" available from December 31st at the Youtube channel.

(Publshed December 2020)




UNCOVER, the new project from Julio RL, ITCN member, presents his debut EP "AFTER ALL", a more than recommended bet for elegant electronic, retro and syntwave sounds.

(Published September 2020)




ITCN "REFURBISH" is out!!!


The download for this album was completely for free, never the less, we only asked to value our work, effort, resources and time invested in this album creation with a donation that was fully deposited into RED CROSS SPAIN in order to support the COVID-19 affected under the detailed circusntances by RED CROSS SPAIN.

(Published April 2020)




The new album, "REFURBISH" is almost here and because of it, here you have the new video "MACHINERY", an EBM old school manifesto.

(Published April 2020)




Next January 23rd 2021, ITCN will be back on stage for presenting live their fourth album "REFURBISH". In this time the bands HASSWUT y MEDIUM will join with them in Sala HYSTERIA, Madrid.


(Published April 2020)




Thinking on the new  album entitled "Refurbish", ITCN launch one of the tracks that will be part of it: "WHAT?"An 100% ITCN sounding track with a little tribute to those who once inspired them.


(Published June 2019)





The new album "Epilogue" is already available, 11 tracks including remixes and covers at most ITCN style. The album is free and you can download it at the discography section.


(Published May 2018)




Next 2018 May 12th from 21.30 hrs ITCN are back on Sala Maravillas' stage for presenting live their new album "EPILOGUE". In advance here it is the new "Hard to Handle" video.

(Published March 2018)




Next 2018 Februray 17th from 21.30 hrs ITCN are back on Sala Maravillas' stage for presenting live some of their new songs. In this time, the band from Hungry, GUNMAKER will join them.

(Published January 2018)




Next 2017 June 17th from 21.00 hrs and celebrating III ELECTRO ARMY FESTIVAL, ITCN will be playing at Sala Maravillas sharing stage with T3RROR 3RROR and VOLKOFF.

(Published June 2017)




Next 2016 June 4th from 21.00 hrs and celebrating WORLD GOTH DAY, ITCN will be playing at Sala YASTA sharing stage with JAFI MARVEL.

An event full of activities organized by MIDIAN and with the colaboration of Melodías de Sombras and 666 Madrid.

(Published May 2016)




Next 2016 February 13th, ITCN will be again on stage in a hard and pure electronic event with BRAIN OVER DUST and GORE. Best Spanish electrodark sounds of the moment.

21.00 Sala Maravillas in Madrid... Don't miss it!

(Published Jan 2016)





"Fight!" second ITCN album is finally out!!
You can contact us and we will tell you how to get your copy.

(Published Apr 2015)




Next 2015 April 25th ITCN will premiere live the second album entitled "FIGHT!" at Sala Maravillas in Madrid.

The Industrial EBM Band BRAIN OVER DUST will be the Guest Artist this time.

More details at Live Section

(Published April 2015)



Maralian - Reborn (ITCN MIX)


ITCN collaborates with Maralian with a very special Remix for their EP entitled "Resurrection". Free download at Maralian's website.


(Published Dic. 2014)





Interesting interview to Víctor ML at "El Grimorio de las Brujas" from spectroradio during III Festival Melodías de Sombras. (Spanish)


(Publicado en Nov. 2014)





ITCN appears with the track "The Great Depression" at "SYNTHETIC GENERATION" compilation in which differente electronic Spanish bands are part of this Amuza Producciones project, mastered by Carlos Garcia Vaso (Azul y Negro).


(Published Sept. 2014)




Next Oct 18th 2014 ITCN will play again at III Melodias de Sombras Festival in Sala Maravillas Madrid. Line up is completed with JAFI MARVEL, LARVA and DE NEW TECHNOCRATS.

(Published Jun. 2014)





ITCN appears with "NO MORE LIES (Siendo Falso)" track at NEOSYNTH - RECONFIGURED compilation in which many artists from Spanish independent electronic Scene make a tribute to the 20 years of Jaime "Neosynth" career.

(Published Dec. 2013) 





(Published June 2013)



 ITCN Live


Next July 13th 2013 ITCN is back, strongest than ever, for presenting live their new EP entitled "FIGHT!" at El Cafe de la Palma in Madrid.

The ElectroPop Band from Madrid, AFTER THE RAIN, will be the Guest Artist for the event.

Tickets NOW on sale at Rara Avis, Diskpol, Escridiscos Stores and

(Published May 2013)



ITCN Promo Video Production by BLACK ON FRAME


First results from collaboration between ITCN and Black on Frame are watching the light, as this Promotional Video produced by Black on Frame and that could be played HERE.

Audio selected is an extact from "Fight!", track that will title the new album.

(Published Mar. 2013)





The countdown for the next album, entitled "FIGHT!", has started, that's why we are pleased to announce that BLACK ON FRAME will be responsible for our next album Art Work. 

With JOSH DEVOTTO genious photography and design by BLACK ON FRAME we are working at the moment with best proffessionals again.

BLACK ON FRAME are at this moment, for us, the best graphic and advertising designers for bands and musical events.

JOSH DEVOTTO is the best art photographer of the moment and he is working with us since ITCN borning.

We'll try that our music in the album reaches their great work. 

ITCN wants to Thank them for joining our project!

(Published Oct. 2012)



ITCN at HiSTéRiCaS Grabaciones


Víctor ML is interviewed by HiSTéRiCaS Grabaciones due to next show at Melodías de Sombras Festival, looking through its history and "Forward!" (Spanish).

(Published Oct. 2012) 



ITCN at Melodias de Sombras Festival


ITCN will play at Melodias de Sombras Festival that will be placed in Madrid next October 2012. More info at "Live" section.

(Published Sept. 2012)



BACK (F.O.D. Remix) has its own video


The video for the Remix produced by eXcess D, the great German band's leader, can be played here.

A cut with live footage from ITCN's last February 4th show in Madrid.

(Published Feb. 2012)



"Forward!" at "Los Sonidos del Universo"


At this amazing Blog, you can read a very interesting review and point of view about ITCN album (Spanish).

(Published Feb. 2012)



"Otras Músicas" Cadena SER El Condado Radio Station


Interview with Víctor ITCN by Luis Carlos Alcazar (Com.pulsion, Hyperego) at "Otras Músicas" Cadena SER Radio Station. You can listen it by clicking HERE (Spanish).

(Published Sept. 2012)





The prestigous dark site MENTENEBRE publishes an interview made to ITCN and goes deeply through FORWARD! listening (Spanish).

(Published Jan. 2012)



ITCN launches FORWARD!


Finally FORWARD! has seen the light!!

It is now available for only 10 € at Diskpol and Rara Avis Stores, you can also contact us and we will send it to you.

(Published Jan. 2012)





Next 2012 February 4th ITCN will present live the first album entitled "FORWARD!" at El Café de la Palma in Madrid, they will be acompanied by "MY BELOVED DEATH", the great band from Zaragoza.

Tickets NOW on SALE at Rara Avis, Diskpol and Tipo Stores (Madrid)

(Published Dec. 2011)



ITCN - The Great Depression Video


"The Great Depression" Video has been released!

Directed by Josh Devotto and with original script by ITCN, the video is ahead of the album release for introducing the track "The Great Depression"

You can see again the video by clicking here

(Published Dec. 2011)