Influenced by every sound beneath gothic rock and electronics, even industrial ones, ITCN is born in 2008, a musical project by Víctor ML.


It's EBM, it's Dark Electro, it's Synthpop but it is not... It is ITCN!!

100% Electronic sounds and lyrics inspired on human obsessions make ITCN difficult to label.

What started one party night as a friends joke kept growing until in December 2008 the first demo track "Mindless" appeared on “Get the Bombs of Music 9” a compilation by German “Synthetics Magazine”
Only one month later, January 2009, arrived the first live act supporting the electronic band from Madrid 
"DEBOD" on their show "Debod & Friends".

In 2009 the second demo track “Drink in Time” was included on “La Tierra de los Sueños Vol. 4” a compilation by “Gente Gótica”, as well as the promo video for “Mindless” was played at “Música Moderna” a Barcelona TV Show.

Finally the first E.P. called “Attack” was launched in December 2010 and it was presented live on that month by 
"Melodías de sombras"

In May 2011, ITCN supported "Project Pitchfork" in Madrid, and were asked also to play in July at "Existence Summer Festival" in Madrid, where some of the new "FORWARD!" tracks were played.

In January 2012, after many work and effort, finally the first ITCN album ("FORWARD!") is launched and presented live on February 4th in Madrid.

Since then, new tracks have been added to their live sets until in 2015 all those songs went into what it is their second album entitled "FIGHT!", 13 pure electro sounds under the umbrella of all those dark genres that ITCN likes to play with.


It's EBM, it's Dark Electro, it's Synthpop but it is not... It is ITCN!!